David Siegel
David Siegel is a web pioneer, author, and serial entrepreneur. He is the world’s first web designer, started one of the world’s first web-design agencies, and sold it to KPMG. He was a figure in the semantic web movement and is now a central player in the blockchain world. He is the creator and curator of decentralstation.com, a blockchain learning web site. To learn more about David, go to dsiegel.com.
Tomer Sofinzon
Tomer Sofinzon is an entrepreneur and business development executive. He founded ClearCi, a company focused on delivering Enterprise Intelligence solutions. He has worked in venture capital with a focus on strategic partnerships.
Anish Mohammed
Anish Mohammed is a member of the Blockchain Advisory Group, recently a chief architect of blockchain solutions at Lloyds. He has deep expertise in Security Architecture, Security of Big Data, Security Analytics, Cloud Security, Blockchain and Cryptography. He is a rock-star blockchain system designer and developer. He lives in London.
Yogesh Gaikwad
Yogesh Gaikwad is a young Indian entrepreneur with a technology marketing background who started India's first Growth Hacking company and is building Digital and Tech Startups with new unique ideas across UK, Switzerland, UAE, India, Singapore and USA. He is mentored by Harvard and Oxford alumnus and has a great experience in fundraising, growth hacking, business advising and startup mentorship.
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